Saturday, February 15, 2014

#TBRChallengeRBR Checkpoint 2


My first checkpoint was establishing my to-read list....and now that it is February it is time for the second check-in. I had planned to read Northanger Abbey first, and even got it on audio and Kindle so that I could read when and where I could.....but I haven't gotten it out :(  I am hoping that in March I can report finishing this one and another book on my list so that I can get caught up!

It is nice to have some motivation with this challenge for sure.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Poor Little Neglected Blog! has been a month--an absolutely crazy month.  I have been trying to write this post in my head for the better part of a couple weeks. I have been really glad that I didn't decide to restart my 365 project...or everything didn't happen like this during that, because I really might have just failed right away.  So let me do my best to try to update you.

Physical Health: My health has not improved--my most recent meds haven't seemed to have helped.  But I suppose on the upside, I decided this week that it is time to go see somebody else, and try another route.  I am hoping that this works--but I feel like I have been saying that a lot.  I am trying to have faith that I will get better. LDS people believe that the priesthood is God's power on this Earth.  I had the opportunity to get a blessing about a month ago, and God promised me that I would be better in 2014.  This is a big relief to know that the end is near....but it is also one of those moments where I bet that it will be like the end of the year so I can keep learning this patience thing.

Joys of Home Ownership: The furnace broke in January, water heater broke in December...trying to fix up the basement and finish the unpacking....sometimes I wonder why we moved, but other times it is nice to know that this whole place is ours.....well and the bank's.

Work: This has been the real reason for my absence...a lot of the stress in my life has stemmed from this...due to some re-structuring at the company my scheduled hours have changed a lot.  I work a few evenings now, and still some mornings like I did before.  It has been a hard adjustment and a lot of days I feel like all I do is go to work and yesterday I only had 4 waking hours at home.

That is also the biggest reason why I haven't written....this and other changes in my life has really taken a toll on me mentally and emotionally.  My regular readers know that I don't like to complain on this blog...I don't want to be a whiner on here.

My hopes for my blog going here on out:

  • I want to do some catch-up on reviews
  • Share more about my reading books--I really want to do better with this 
  • Establish some challenges to participate in
  • Do some more networking
  • Do more about knitting and teaching....knitting has been a nice thing to get me through all of this!
I hope to write again soon! Thanks for hanging out with me as I got this month back together.  

As a picture today my motto for this week:

“You are stronger than you realize. You are more capable than you can imagine. You can do it now!” –President Dieter F. Uchtdorf