Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Try Go there for more info
So I haven't written very much o this blog even though I have TRIED and TRIED.  This is one of the reasons why I was so motivated to write on Five Minute Friday's prompt today. I saw it and it really got me thinking about how much I have tried to do this summer.  I am not use to this whole summer off thing--if you don't know me well yet, I'm a teacher and this past school year was my first time at a public school.  My previous school was a year round private school--and more than just your typical year round--365 days a year, year round.  They only didn't have school on major holidays: i.e. Christmas.  So I was actually really excited for the summer, it would be a chance to do all of the things that I never felt that I had time for.  I was feeling super ambitious and optimistic at the beginning of the summer when I wrote down a three page To-Do List separated into categories.  One of those categories was this blog.  I had also just found out about Teachers Write and I was excited to practice my writing, one of those things that I never felt good at personally and then felt even worse about as a teacher when that was the place that I had the lowest scores in on our end of the year testing.  But I just TRIED on this list--I haven't even had the nerve in the last few days to get it out and see how I have really done.

The biggest thing that I know is that I haven't come anywhere close to doing anything for this blog. I was going to have a schedule of when I was going to post stuff when, a schedule for the school year, and hopefully even schedule some of those posts and maybe even spread them out throughout the school year, but no such luck.

Wow--five minutes can go by so fast when I just sit down to write...I will leave you with this concluding thought and get to the positive part of what I was going to say because I hate it when I turn to this blog just to whine to cyberspace.  The word tried doesn't mean fail.  I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis.  I attempted, I did something, that does not mean that I did nothing.  And you can always try....and because you tried means you didn't completely fail. So I didn't fail at my summer just because my list isn't done...I tried at my summer and I can try again next year as a wiser, more experienced summer person.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Teachers Write Week 1 Catch-up

The first week of Teachers Write is over and I missed all but the first day.  Getting ready for trek this week and then going was a great experience! I really should sit down and write about that instead, but I spent the evening reading through comments and blog posts from the guest authors and really felt like I needed to put pen to paper.  (And I was glad I found an empty journal to scribble in--I learned I write better fiction old school...weird huh?)

The hardest part for me was the fact that I really needed a story.  I don't have a WIP or an MS already going, but I thought that if I am going to do these prompts well that I need to start something--even it if it is just a simple short story or a random narrative that doesn't go much farther than the summer.  It can even change so that I have more than one going on at a time, but I needed something.

This week seemed to have a theme of sorts--character development through observation and imagery along with specific voice for your characters.  I decided that it would probably burn me out to try to catch up on all of the prompts from the week, but I decided that I would try to flesh out some characters and give them a distinct voice. It really evolved while I wrote it--and I'm kind of excited to see where it takes me. Here we go....

Mom is so tired that she can't move anymore.  Her baby is crying so loud and no matter how much she bounces that baby it will not be quiet.

Her teenage daughter (probably about 14) looks at her mom (as she turns up her I-pod even more) with a look of disgust.  "Why did she have t have another kid?! Did she not get enough of this with the first two?"  Her little brother is hiding somewhere.  The ten year old annoyance was actually not being annoying at the moment.  Maybe he was just as annoyed about the newborn baby as she was.

Yep, he was annoyed alright. He had been the one mom had spent her time with. Allison was turning too much into a teenager for mom to want to be around her.  What was with his sister? She's all mood and angry all the time.  It worked out for him though--he got to spend all that time with mom. "Got" being the key word there--past tense.  That was all gone now. This baby had infiltrated so far into his mom's life that she didn't even have time to sit and talk anymore.

Excited for week 2 to see where I can take these three--and see if I can't flesh out a possible dad in the mix.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1 of TeachersWrite

So I haven't written on this blog since February.  My bright idea of writing everyday in 2015 crumbled much faster than I had expected.  This school year really kept me busy and I let my writing slip.  One of the things that I learned this year is that my lack of confidence in writing is harder to deal with when I'm focused on teaching it 100%.  Yes teachers aren't suppose to focus too much on their end of year test scores from their students, but this was an area where my students definitely struggled more than others in my classroom.

This lead me to think about what could I do to improve my writing teacher ability. I thought about taking a class, but I didn't want to be tied to something with deadlines/money/etc.  I stumbled across TeachersWrite on Facebook and I immediately decided that this might be something for me.  It will encourage me to write everyday, put me in the position of a student again, and even better: it is geared to teachers!

One of the things that I feel like will make me unique in this group is the fact that I am not working on a novel nor do I plan on coming up with one. I have often thought about doing that and maybe something will start with this exercise.  Today's prompt asked us to wonder and to make a list of those wonderings.  I have been thinking about it all day and I don't know how many I really have but we'll give it a go...

  • I wonder what other wives of the Founding Fathers (other than Abigail Adams) thought of their husband's political careers and the new nation.
  • I wonder if I will ever be really crafty.
  • I wonder if I will get my house ready for the school year.
  • I wonder how people really just keep moving and never stop--like those Energizer bunny people that are always busy and scheduled and seem so perfect.  How do they do that without burning out?
  • I wonder if I can keep the blogging up during the school year--I wonder if I can have a better outside of school life this year or not.
  • I wonder where this journey of writing will take me.

The other idea given out today was to basically make a list poem of the project that we are working on right now.  It seems more geared to people who are working on a story....but I guess to an extent this blog will be my story of this journey and it is really my project for this month.

This blog is all of my musings as I think them
I often write about knitting, reading, and teaching
That's how I came up with Inspirefly--it is everything that inspires me. 
I started it to get some web presence with the idea of maybe one day having a business.
It became more than that--it became a place to interact with people on a different level
It became a way to express what I was thinking and feeling
It became a way to write
I started this journey to improve my writing
To help my students improve their writing
To give both groups a place to keep writing and writing and writing
I hope that at the end of this month I can look back and say that I definitely learned something. 

Looking forward to this amazing journey!

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