Saturday, March 15, 2014

TBR Pile Challenge Checkpoint 3


I have gotten started on my first book for this challenge.  I am currently listening to Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen on my drives.  I am glad about the progress that I have made on it.  It is seven discs, and I am on disc four--so I'm pretty proud.  I wish I had started earlier so it could be done by this checkpoint, but hey progress is good! Hopefully March is a better month.

Overall, Northanger Abbey isn't a bad book for me. It isn't one of my favorites of Jane Austen, but not the worst.  That at the moment is still Mansfield Park which I have yet to get through.  I think it is funny that there is the regular triangle drama though. But it moves a bit slow.  So we will see what the end gives me.

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