Friday, March 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Catch-up!

Ugh....I still don't have a great idea as to what to do for my theme.  But I want to get in on Yidya Sury's blog hop to by the end of this post we should have a reveal! (At least I hope!)

A to Challenge Theme reveal blogfest
Oh it is totally great and powerful!
So I got one suggestion on Facebook, one suggestion in the comments of my post, and one vote on Twitter.  So in terms of voting you guys weren't a whole lot of help :P My brain has been doing a lot of A to Z because I am doing two other blogs in addition to this! Yes I am crazy.  My students are doing the writing but it is still a bit of work on my end to get them motivated and moving.  So go check out the main blog to learn about the theme of Cedar Ridge Academy and the revamped and new learning blog for Cedar Ridge Academy and their theme of Social Studies.

As a result of the brain in other A to Z things it has been hard to focus on my own blog.  So today on the drive home, I had just posted and gotten all of the stuff done for the school blogs--I kind of took a breathe and was like what should I do with my blog??

I had a lot of great suggestions and votes.  But I was thinking it needs to be something realistic--especially if I don't get all of the student ones scheduled in advanced like I would want!  And what I got suggestion wise seemed tricky and the vote I got was actually the two I had posted with the most work--and I might save those for another year. But they just don't seem like they fit this year. 

The other thing with realistic is lets be honest, since I finished the #365 project and work invaded my life more (which I didn't think was possible) I have been a HORRIBLE blogger! I had all of these grand visions when I was done that I would keep up with a regular schedule and update things and network more etc. etc. etc.  So that thought process led me to the idea of a CATCH-UP THEME

I had the idea on the other post about doing a week of each thing that my blog focuses on. And I kind of went with that idea for a little bit, but then I was thinking about how it would be a bit of planning to figure out which theme to do with which week and what if I want to change my mind.  So...the catch-up theme gives me the flexibility to do a book thing one day and a knitting thing the next day. I have a lot of book reviews I want to do and lesson plans I want to tell you about.  So, I am going to map out what letters I can use with catch-up things and then probably fill in the rest.  We'll I said at the beginning I hope to have a reveal....I'm not super committed but I'm trying to be.  I think it would have helped if I had all of my letters mapped out already but I'm tired, its late and time for bed!

Thanks for reading the rambling! Feel free to follow on the side and follow my school blogs too--the students are excited to see what is said to their ideas!

Go to the link above to hop on yourself!


J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Kimberly,
Your post reminds me of just how many reviews I have to write that I haven't even touched yet.

Have fun with the Challenge.

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z Theme Reveal! Wow, amazing that you'll be in charge of 3 blogs during this challenge! Sounds interesting to have your students involved too! This is my 3rd year with the challenge, thought really my 2nd year participating since I dropped out last year due to a family problem. The first year I didn't have a theme and it was hard to figure out what to write some days. This year a theme came to me even before I committed to participating and it was really quite easy once I got down to it. Good luck with the challenge!


Andrea said...

What fun to have a blog with your class! I had no theme my first year and had a lot of fun with just random stuff...had a theme last year and also had a lot of fun! Your catching up idea sure sounds like a good one!

Cedar Ridge said...

Thanks to our great teacher for getting us involved!

Kimberly Hawks said...

Thanks everyone!!