Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1 of TeachersWrite

So I haven't written on this blog since February.  My bright idea of writing everyday in 2015 crumbled much faster than I had expected.  This school year really kept me busy and I let my writing slip.  One of the things that I learned this year is that my lack of confidence in writing is harder to deal with when I'm focused on teaching it 100%.  Yes teachers aren't suppose to focus too much on their end of year test scores from their students, but this was an area where my students definitely struggled more than others in my classroom.

This lead me to think about what could I do to improve my writing teacher ability. I thought about taking a class, but I didn't want to be tied to something with deadlines/money/etc.  I stumbled across TeachersWrite on Facebook and I immediately decided that this might be something for me.  It will encourage me to write everyday, put me in the position of a student again, and even better: it is geared to teachers!

One of the things that I feel like will make me unique in this group is the fact that I am not working on a novel nor do I plan on coming up with one. I have often thought about doing that and maybe something will start with this exercise.  Today's prompt asked us to wonder and to make a list of those wonderings.  I have been thinking about it all day and I don't know how many I really have but we'll give it a go...

  • I wonder what other wives of the Founding Fathers (other than Abigail Adams) thought of their husband's political careers and the new nation.
  • I wonder if I will ever be really crafty.
  • I wonder if I will get my house ready for the school year.
  • I wonder how people really just keep moving and never stop--like those Energizer bunny people that are always busy and scheduled and seem so perfect.  How do they do that without burning out?
  • I wonder if I can keep the blogging up during the school year--I wonder if I can have a better outside of school life this year or not.
  • I wonder where this journey of writing will take me.

The other idea given out today was to basically make a list poem of the project that we are working on right now.  It seems more geared to people who are working on a story....but I guess to an extent this blog will be my story of this journey and it is really my project for this month.

This blog is all of my musings as I think them
I often write about knitting, reading, and teaching
That's how I came up with Inspirefly--it is everything that inspires me. 
I started it to get some web presence with the idea of maybe one day having a business.
It became more than that--it became a place to interact with people on a different level
It became a way to express what I was thinking and feeling
It became a way to write
I started this journey to improve my writing
To help my students improve their writing
To give both groups a place to keep writing and writing and writing
I hope that at the end of this month I can look back and say that I definitely learned something. 

Looking forward to this amazing journey!

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DalilaE said...

I am so happy you shared your thoughts! I can relate to you! Isn't that a great thing about sharing our writing? We see that we are not alone. I also began this journey to improve my teacher craft. I don't have a WIP or ms (I've learned those stand for work in progress and manuscript), but Jo's Monday Morning Warm Up had me remembering an idea I had that I never followed through with. Maybe now I will? Either way, Im here to learn and get better at teaching writing to my third graders. Glad we are doing this together!