Monday, May 12, 2014

Bout of Books Goals

This is the start of the week of Bout of Books.  So excited to commit to reading more this week and see if I can't wrap up some books.  I haven't been talking much about what I've been reading recently, so here's what I've got on the TBR/currently reading list.

Bout of BooksSo first number one goal is to finish The Book Thief. A few ladies in the neighborhood and I have started a book club and we have our meeting to discuss it on Wednesday.  I have like 100 pages that is a must the next two days Bout of Books or not.

I am listening to two audio books at the same time right now--Matched and Thirteen Reasons Why and it would be good to make good progress in those books.

I also want to finish Split Second by David Baldacci.  I got one of his books from the library--and realized that it was in fact the third in the series.  Split Second is the first and I have been drawing it out a bit more. With the detective work and mystery aspect I'm starting to loose track of the little stuff. So it would be good to finish that one.

In other news---I want to start the second Baldacci, read the 5th Fablehaven which I haven't done yet, and read The Fault in our Stars because I don't want the previews to ruin the characters too much.  See what I mean about the TBR list being too long!!

So time for realistic goals:

  1. Finish The Book Thief (at the start of today I was on page 359)
  2. Finish Split Second (at the start of today I was on page 315)
  3. Make progress on audio books--Matched was towards the end of the second disc this morning and Thirteen Reasons Why....I'm not sure but I'm not super far in yet

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