Monday, May 19, 2014

Bout of Books Sum-Up

I haven't been great to do the daily check-ins over the weekend...I didn't feel like I was reading a lot.  But today, I thought that I would put up my goals and just tell you now how I did.

Goal #1: Finish The Book Thief---Success!

Goal #2: Finish Split Second--Success! Finished yesterday :)

Goal #3: Make progress on my two audio books Matched and Thirteen Reasons Why....I finished the fourth disc today while I was almost done with disc two. Thirteen Reasons Why--I was just barely started with this book and I am now almost done with the second part.

Not too bad with the reading this time...I think this is the Bout of Books where I finished the most books.

Bout of Books
Thank to the hosts!


Joanne said...

found you from A to Z road trip.
the Book Thief was excellent and actually the movie was quite good too. Can never read too many books

Sherry Ellis said...

How did you like Book Thief? I've been wanting to read that one.