Friday, January 10, 2014

Bout of Books Day 5 Update

So it is Day 5..and it is finally Friday so I am hoping to get some more reading done since I don't have to go to work tomorrow :). 

Bout of Books

Yesterday I was able to get some reading done:
Fablehaven 3--Track 4 to Track 9 on disc 3
Book of Mormon--pages 194 to 202
Allegiant--pages 70 to 102

Making some progress...but still worried about actually finishing a book in the next three days.  

Saw this challenge today from Mandi Kay who I met on Twitter briefly on Monday. The challenge was to take the last word of each line of the last page you read in a book.  I am working on The Plague Legacy right now so I went to the previous page and pulled the words.  I was really worried because I had a lot of little helping verbs...not a whole lot of nouns--and especially almost no subjects.  So I cheated slightly and gave myself one little subject and changed the tense of a word so that it could kind of become a verb...though don't ask me to define it because I think I created a new definition for braiding.

Cam had a knife, and
had cost five
answers-- to who was braid[ing]
knees against Salvation.
Depot had in [his] head and hated it.

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