Monday, January 13, 2014

Bout of Books Wrap up

Today is the day in which I look back at my goals and start last Monday and see how far I come!!

Yesterday I finished Plague Legacy: Acquistions!! (Gain of 16%) Made it to page 194 in Allegiant (a gain of 92 pages)! Also made a gain of three pages in Book of Mormon.

So my goals and progress was:

1. Read everyday...not just listen to my audiobooks in the car or around the house...but actually read!

  • I am pretty sure that I did that one....if I didn't I only missed a couple of days. I did my best to at least read a little bit. Looking back at my looks like I missed one day kind of--I only read Book of Mormon that day and probably not much because I like listening too
2. Participate in the Twitter chats for the first time

  • I only was able to do Monday's chat...but that's progress!!! I slept through Saturday...and ate dinner through Wednesday's with the husband.
3. I really want to finish reading a book-which I haven't done on a Bout of Books

  • I FINISHED A BOOK! You have no idea how excited I am that I finished a book :) And I read it in almost a week--I was only on 9% on Monday.
4. I will specifically focus on reading: Fablehaven 3 (audio), Allegiant (print), Plague Legacy: Acquisitions (Kindle), and Book of Mormon (audio and Kindle)

  • I managed to read all of these throughout the week, and sometime all of them in one day :)
So how much did I accomplish?

Fablehaven: almost three complete discs (I was two tracks off...finished them this morning)
Allegiant: page 52-194 (Gain of 142)
Book of Mormon page 179-226 (Gain of 47)
Plague Legacy 9%-100% (Gain of 91%)

Overall a very very successful Bout of Books week!! My best EVER!

Bout of Books
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