Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Send

So I quick introduction before I get started--I found out about this community that has a word that they just write about for five minutes on Fridays--all they do is write.  They don't edit it, they don't re-read it and fix it, they just write what comes to mind. I will definitely be fixing typos as I go....It is the English teacher in me.But I promise I won't re-read or change my thoughts after it is written.  So here is my first attempt at this!

The first thing I actually thought of was the last snail mail I sent out.  In the state of Utah our end of year test are called SAGE.  Because last year was the first year with this new test, the students didn't receive the scores until almost Thanksgiving.  I had a lot of students whose parents didn't come to conferences and who I knew would not actually give the scores to their parents--so I mailed them home.  It actually took quite a bit of time because I hand wrote each envelope and stuffed each one full.  I did about 40 all in one day.  The interesting thing about that is people send us things all the time-but do we actually acknowledge that they sent them to us. I haven't heard from any of the parents that it was helpful or not.  I did hear one of my students say--hey you mailed that home---but that's just the one.

That's the other thing about sending---we send information out all the time.  Does anyone actually care? I was thinking that today as I considered what to write about and then remembered this little deal.  Does anybody really care what I write about? If I just send these blog posts out into the void each night and then suddenly stop, the world doesn't clamor--did that once before.  No one really notices but me--and maybe that's the point--I am suppose to care and it really is only for me.  Though it would be nice if it was for other people too.

Final thought on send since my five minutes are almost up.  We send a lot of emotions around to people on a daily basis--how does that affect your day and their day?  Do we even think about that or do we just move on with our lives.  Interesting to think about....


Natasha said...

Thanks for stopping by my FMF post. I really enjoyed yours. I have often wondered if the the things I send really matter to anyone. I have realized that when I write, it is mostly for my benefit and if it touches someone else...great! I hand wrote our Christmas cards this year instead of buying the photo cards. It was time consuming, but I realized how much I missed putting that effort into it. Have a lovely day!

transplanted said...

I looked and looked at your empty blog. I checked every few days at first, then every week, then every few weeks. I don't read every word, but I read many of them! I bet I'm not the only one to miss you when you were not here. Sometimes I think I'd like to start a blog, but then I'd be afraid someone else might not read it, or worse yet, they might.

Brian Hawks said...

I think it's important. Even if someone is not actively reading your blog, if they find it months or years later, it can still have relevance in their life. I had a blog for a class, I haven't updated it since the class ended last year, but I have had an additional 500 hits on it since then. Someone, somewhere has read some of what I wrote. Did it matter to them? Who knows. However, each and every piece of information we take in during our lives makes some sort of difference, it becomes part of our schema and changes us in a little way. So even if no one were to notice you stopping writing, they would still be impacted by what you have said. Therefore, it is important to keep writing, because someone may still be impacted by something you have yet to say.