Sunday, January 25, 2015


Today has been a day where I have been super overwhelmed with everything that I have to accomplish--and honestly I really don't feel like this blog post is a huge priority right now.  However, I am grateful that I have an outlet to write, even if I only write for a minute or two everyday. I feel like it is a lot of who I am--to express myself.  I don't see myself as a writer per se, which is why I think I like doing this blog because I would like to become a writer.

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Christiana P said...

It's a good reminder that there is no physically possible way to do everything and that's OK. I go through periods in my life where my blog and the blogosphere become totally unimportant for a few months. But if you keep coming back to it, or you keep thinking about it you will find what your priority really is. Hope everything falls into place soon and that you feel a lot less stressed.