Friday, January 22, 2016

Five Minute Friday

The word today is present.

Remember I have to type for 5 minutes about this word.

So I thought of two things when I saw the word---being in the present and gifts.   Being in the present can actually be very difficult for me, because I am such a planner.  I am usually thinking three or four steps ahead.  This can a good thing, because I am usually planning for lessons or activities etc.  It helps to make life run smoothly.  However, it can get me in trouble because I am overwhelmed by everything that has to be done and I want it to just be over and done with. Being a school teacher is the worst with this, because I want to get the material done, but the grading is just a killer and I want to fast forward it to being done!

Gifts are tricky things with me.  I usually have very high expectations with gifts.  I like to be surprised and have things that are very special and meaningful.  However, if you asked me what that would be I have absolutely no idea.  As a result, the person giving the gift has really no shot at succeed and I have no shot at being satisfied.  I actually have started to not like Christmas as much as a result, because I think ooh all the presents that are coming when in all actuality at the end of the day I am rather let down to the big huge build up in my head.  This year I did try to keep the build up at a minimum, and I think it seemed to help the after Christmas slump that often happens.


Carly said...

Visiting from FMF. I am also a planner so I relate to what you say about thinking ahead and finding all the details overwhelming at times. I'm trying to learn to take one step at a time and to trust God instead of worrying about how things will turn out.

Lynette said...

Stopping by from FMF linkup, too. I love my lists! Gotta have one every day. I have never thought about the possibility of them making me not live in the present...good stuff to think on.
I married a guy that refuses to let me give him a Christmas list. He has even said he won't buy anything I ask for...he likes to surprise me. After nearly 30 yrs of marriage he knows what I like.
Have a blessed week!

~#9 this wk