Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy

So...I titled this with an "A" because I don't have just one favorite TV show.  While I was in high school, books were my best friend a lot on the weekends because I could just escape my life. Then when I was in college, I didn't have time to read never mind the brain to think of reading ANOTHER book....never mind that I should be reading something for class and not for fun.  An hourish long TV show was a great escape, with the story and the fact that it was only an hour long.

I got hooked on Grey's in roommates and I spent the first part of second year in college catching up on the first and second season before the third season started.  It was the perfect escape from a long day...even though it gets a bit risque--I was attracted to the writing, the characters...and the fact that someone's life was worse than mine.

To this day, I still watch the show--despite all of the changes.  I was mad when they killed off George, and Izzie left, and Burke left.  I watched the merger with a whole new group of interns, and I have watched as we have people shot and deal with plane crashes.  The storyline and plot and even some of the writing started to suffer...and I figured that any day I would hear that they finally decided to end it or it got cancelled.  But this season they seem to have gathered a second breath...this week's episode was the best I have seen in SO long! So kudos to Grey's for finally bringing back the mojo :) I won't tell you about it not spoil it...but I highly recommend it!

A still from this week's episode thanks to 

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