Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gilmore Girls and Bunheads...oh the wondrous writing

So this will be another addition of my favorites.  I LOVE great writing on TV...and movies too...but I pay attention to TV writers more.  One of my FAVORITE writers/creators is Amy Sherman-Palladino.  Most people know her from Gilmore Girls, which really should not have ended...but that's a different blog post. The biggest thing that she is famous for is the fast speaking that the actors are required to perform.  The fast back and forth.  See a good example from main character Lorelai below...

Then Gilmore Girls ended.  Fast forward to 2012....Amy Sherman-Palladino and her writing partner ( and husband) Daniel Palladino started a show called Bunheads.  The best part about this show---it has the same writing style.  The second best is like a Gilmore Girls reunion--one of the main characters is Kelly Bishop and the townspeople come in and guest star all the time.  See a great example of the great writing in this show here: 

Both of these shows are great for a smile...and I highly recommend :)

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