Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspired by a Write this

So there are many days in this 365 project that I struggle with what to write about each I am sure those of you that keep up can tell.  Some of posts are better than others. Inspiration (as my blog title shows) can be a hard thing to come by...but today I am inspired by a quote.

I collect quotes...from lots of people.  That is one of the things that I love about Pinterest! And I get quotes e-mailed to me by I am usually not at a loss for quotes.  Today's quote was the quote of the day on Goodreads a few weeks ago.

Hard times require furious dancing. Each of us is proof. --Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple)

This one spoke to me today because it is kind of a testament to my life right now.  As I'm sure many teachers can relate can be hard and difficult sometimes and it is nice to have days like Presidents' Day off.  Other professions can relate to this nurses--I have learned a lot about how hard that profession is from my sister.  (See her blog on the sidebar)  But we have to figure out how to deal sometimes with the daily grind.  And as Alice Walker encourages us to do---dance it out!! I don't dance as often as I should but I do bang on the steering wheel, tap my toes, and sing my heart out in the car on my way home.  Today's favorite song is:

Plus that video has some great dancing ideas...And all of this reminds me of the another dance it out idea from Grey's Anatomy!  (Couldn't do this post without it..and the French is actually kind of funny to see)

So...hard day?? DANCE IT OUT! Cuz Alice Walker told you too :)

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