Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #7

Yep its Friday again...thank goodness!! It has been a crazy week...but I still have figured out the five news stories that I will share with you today. I decided to have all the links today be videos and they are from a variety of that teachers can use them in their classrooms if they so choose. As always--preview the videos you show in your classroom.

5. Pope resigns...Big surprise to everyone...including me. I haven't talked much on this blog about my religious beliefs, but I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Similar to the Catholics, our president of the Church leads everyone in the Church.  He travels everywhere, just as the pope has--and he is significantly older than the pope.  It prompts me to be thankful for the beliefs that I have.

4. State of Union...It would be sad if I didn't mention this at least once.  I have watched many a State of the Union whether I support the current president's policies or not.  President Obama delivers a speech well so his have not been as boring as some others.  A huge laundry list....but still very well written. 

3. Misinformation from the Media...There has been a manhunt going on in Los Angeles for an ex-cop this week--I started hearing during the State of the Union that they had found him and killed him.  Then I start watching the press conference with the LA police spokesperson who basically chides the media for reporting that because nobody had confirmed that the guy was in there because the fire was still hot. Just shows how sometimes this 24-7 news cycle gets people in trouble. Wish I could find the video of the conference but here is a decent summary 

2. Carnival Cruise Ship...Wow....nobody wants to go on a cruise any more!  They said on the news today that it will probably take 2 months to repair the ship..but a lot longer than that for the Carnival reputation to be restored.  Seriously! Prediction in the next 6-12 months, the story will be that people are going less on cruises. 

1. Meteorite/Asteroid visits yesterday and today---Really cool images from Russia...though not cool for those that got hurt.  I am glad that it didn't kill anyone.  Also, the asteroid that passed 17,000 miles away was cool to see pictures of too.  Love the astronomy lessons on the news!

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