Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Review: Les Miserables

Les Mis√©rables (2012) PosterSo this week Brian and I got to see two movies in the theaters this week (see my review on Lincoln on Wednesday). We went and saw Les Miserables on Thursday---yes it comes out in a little over a month on DVD but again small town theaters don't get movies that fast.  This one I know for sure she wasn't allowed to get for a long time--and a lot of people were frustrated. Because we knew it would be good...and it was..but it wasn't

What did I love?

  • Anne Hathaway's performance was superb. She really put a lot of emotion into her singing and was one of the best singers in the movie.
  • Marius, played by Eddie Redmayne, was the best Marius I have ever seen!  He sang everything beautifully.
  • Eponine was awesome...but I knew that--Samantha Banks always does a great job

What did I not like?
  • Sacha Baron Cohen made sense for the part on paper...but he really can't sing--and yes the Innkeeper's part isn't really written to sing...but it is suppose to be more sung than talked--and there is a part in the movie in which he said "Whatever" like we were in 2012--come on!
  • Hugh Jackman did a great job overall...but during "Bring Him Home" my vocal cords were hurting--as I'm sure his were too...I wish they had done something about that
  • And again Russell Crowe overall did a great job...but he kind of ruined the soliloquy he has near the beginning  about the stars--though I am very partial to the Javert from the 25th anniversary edition
Overall, I had low expectations before the movie actually came out and then when I couldn't see it and couldn't see it and heard everybody loving it my expectations went WAY too high I think.  I would own is not the best I have ever seen but it is better than nothing--I will see it live any day.

Not a great is def taped in a theatre...but this is my favorite "Stars" rendition by Norm Lewis (though not from the 25th anniversary edition)

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