Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reflection and the Top 3 Posts of the Month

It has been a month...a moment for reflection.  It is now February...which means we are a month into 2013 and I am a month into my 365 project.  I knew that it was going to be difficult some days to come up with what to write...but I figured that would be around Juneish....not the first month. I thought that I would do a refresh of the three most viewed posts of the month and comment a bit on the inspiration to each.

3.  Happy New Year's! posted on January 1st. Ironic to me...but my first post makes this list.  This was one of the easiest to write...and ironically is the only one that isn't completely about teaching.

2. Grades are Earned, Not Punishment posted on January 15th.  I almost didn't write this one.  If you look at the time stamp, it is at almost 10:00.  I usually post between 7 and 9 because I go to bed around 10...I think that highlights now much I was trying to calm down from THE horrible phone call.  But it wasn't working, so that was what you got. The biggest reason I didn't want to write...I have seen teachers get in trouble for that.  So I hope I kept it anonymous enough, because it really does happen with all parents.  I actually had a pretty nasty e-mail this week.

1. Inspired by a Quote with a Teaching Strategy  posted on January 10th.  I was surprised that this was the one that got the most views.  That night I really didn't know what to write about, but that quote came up from a Goodreads Quote of the Day e-mail, and suddenly I had something to write about.  Sometimes you never know what people will like.

The second hardest thing after coming up with what to what picture to put with it?
So since it is a reflection piece today, here is a recent shot with the hubby 

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