Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Review: Lincoln

Lincoln (2012) PosterI am doing a review of this movie because I just saw it tonight...yes tonight about three months since it came out because it only came to our little town two weeks ago.  That is the sad thing about living in a small town--we don't get the movies with everyone else sometimes because the theater owner can't get them.  From what I understand they (being the people with the power to sell the movie) will occasionally not allow the owner buy the movie because they want the bigger audience.  However that is the nice thing about living in a small town and going to the movies--you have your pick of seats.

So what did I love about Lincoln?

  • The writing--Of course you knew I would talk about the writing.  This screenplay was superbly written and I enjoyed the way the lines were phrased...which brings me to 
  • The acting--Good lines fall flat on bad acting.  This was a beautifully acted movie--I especially loved Tommy Lee Jones.  He made Stevens come alive!
  • The scenery and costumers--Very well done!
What did I not like?
  • Well I have been avoiding the articles about all of the historical inaccuracies--and to a certain extent I figured there were some.  But the more shocking revelation toward the end (which I will not spoil for those who haven't seen this) shouldn't have been believed by anyone with historical knowledge and I wouldn't be surprised if that has been the recent hubbub. So even though it makes for a good story..I think it ruins the feel-good part of the whole movie instead of helping it (which I'm sure was the intention).
Anyway this is short and quick because its late and I'm tired..but what did you think of it? Would you show it in your classroom?  I might do it on a freebie day but not as apart of class.

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