Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #5

5. So...Beyonce actually admits it and then sings awesome!! 

4. The Dow finally closed higher than before the recession today....very exciting.  I think people might actually start feeling like we are recovering.  I know I will feel better when my employer can give me my raise. 

3. This Alabama hostage situation with the 5 year old boy is shocking...but the bus driver was heroic and the officers that have been and are currently working the scene have kept it from getting worse so far and that is a great thing.

2. Finally we are dealing with immigration in a real way...though I want to wait and see what happens with it.

1. Gabby Giffords spoke to Congress again for the first time since the shooting. I am very impressed with how much she has recovered. 

On that day in front of Congress, looking very strong:

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