Monday, February 4, 2013

Sports...Oh Sports

Most people look at me and go really...a sports fan?  Now, I am not a huge sports fan.  I will admit to walking away from the Super Bowl a couple of times yesterday and not even turning it on until almost halftime.  And currently I am watching the exhibition show from the U.S. Figure Skating National Championships (#omaha2013).  So my range of sports is wide.   My two favorites?  Baseball and basketball.

Tonight the Cedar Ridge Academy boys basketball team had a hard loss. They are more than halfway through their season, and I haven't been able to come to a lot of their games this year.  The first game (which I think was their second) that I went to they struggled and were not quite a team yet.  And that first game, it was a pretty big loss. Tonight, I saw a team that worked together so much better, and kept things closer together in the points.  I am way proud the improvement tonight!

Note to other teachers...the kids love seeing you support them.  You don't have to go all the time, but every once in a while shows that you care.

Though my FAVORITE part of the night...the opposing coach tell one of his players: "Don't terminate your dribble!" It really put a smile on my face after a long day.

Thanks Wikipedia!

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