Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Boys I know its not Wednesday....but it was one of those days that I need to anonymously vent and I read Elise's post tonight so its on the brain!

To The Man,
Ok so my gag reflex is not that fact it sucks--so can you please leave my classroom while you throw up?  The smell was still lingering when I left...I really hope its not their tomorrow.
The "mom" of the school

Dear Slow-Poke,
You like to hear yourself talk, so you can't be quiet enough to listen--so then I have to spend time going over it with you one-on-one.  I wonder if you would be so much more successful if you would just shut your mouth sometimes!
Losing patience

Dear Anger Management,
A and B are having a conversation so C your way out....but apparently you have to get offended.  Really?! Wow, you need to get more control.
The authority figure whether you like it or not

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