Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #12

This week some international, national, and local news makes this list

5. Saw this today..Chinua Achebe died at the age of 82...he was a great author that really pushed the envelope and didn't let the fact that someone might not see his work get in the way

4. Seeing sequestration in action.....Provo and Ogden will lose air traffic controllers---sounds a bit scary to me since they will have to coordinate with like 10 other small airports.  And Provo has large jets...this isn't just little puddle jumpers

3. Utah Governor Herbert vetoes a bill that allowed all weapons in Utah to be concealed...even if they didn't have a permit.  I am really glad this was vetoed because I firmly believe in the concealed carry permits requiring safety classes--I worry what would happen without it.

2. President Obama was in Israel this week...talking to the young generation about peace--very gutsy!

1.Foiled college shooting by the roommate...that's standing up for what you believe no matter what

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