Thursday, March 28, 2013

Character Thursday: Wanderer from The Host

Okay I mentioned in my book review of The Host about the movie that was coming out on this book.  And with that movie coming out tomorrow, I have had The Host on the brain.  So I thought I would do a Character Thursday about my favorite character from the book--Wanderer.  I actually had originally thought about doing Wanderer/Mel because I love their relationship--that is what really made the book for me.  But if you really read the book-they are two different characters, so maybe a different day.

Okay first of all a little bit of background for people who haven't read the book in a while/seen the movie preview/etc.  Wanderer is also known by her nickname Wanda, but she is the alien species that takes over Mel's human body--the host.  As a result, Wanda doesn't view the humans as we do, she views them as a species that has their own problems as the other species she has been with.

My favorite thing about Wanderer is her ability to think out of the box.  A lot of times in our current society, people stick with their original opinion.  They are not willing to put themselves in the other person's shoes.  Wanderer literally does put herself in the human shoes by being a parasite, but with Mel still there and around Wanda learns from Mel andWanda really starts to change her mind about what to do.  This gets even better with how much we learn that Wanderer is a very smart "person".  She serves as the equivalent to a college professor and tells lots of stories of her previous "lives".  We often see the more educated as less likely to change their minds...but I think it speaks volumes to her character.

What will be interesting is how she will be portrayed in the movie....and how they will show this change?

P.S. A sequel is for sure in our future...I wonder when

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If you see this...let me know I want to know what you think!

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Fanda said...

Thanks for sharing about Wanda the Wanderer to us. I always like persons who can see out of the box, or at least tries to.