Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #10

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So....on Monday and Wednesday next week I will be talking about current events in my Social Studies classes at Cedar Ridge Academy. I will be covering all of these topics in class with videos and articles.  Fellow teachers can feel free to steal!!

5. Real-Life Fillibuster--Rand Paul made history by talking for 13 hours.  See CNN Student News--which is a great source for anything current event. 

4. White House Tours Cancelled--I will be talking to my students about the sequestration and using this as an example.  For me this was just a little bit much....we could cut something else seriously. Like that dinner the President and Republicans went to? For info about sequestration go to article here: and the CNN clip here:

3. Hugo Chavez dies--This might change a lot about our relationship with Venezuela..or it might not..or it might change oil prices....or it might change the region.  Either way students need to know what is going on.  Watch for the original annoucement and this one which goes into the oil idea in Venezuela

2. TSA changes knife requirements--This one CNN Student News isn't actually messing with so I am going to show an ABC video

1. North Korea sanctions--Great time to talk about the U.N. and how it works...we'll see if these sanctions work. 

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