Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flirting...Really Still Necessary?!

Okay so this blog post has been written like three times..I keep starting and stopping. I would like to share some wisdom with the male population today-but I have had trouble wording it.  So here comes this new try.  Men seem to feel the need to flirt with women to get their way.  Can someone explain this to me?  So why do I have this question you ask...

I went to a financial institution yesterday to sign some paperwork that Brian had signed previously.  So this male employee assisted me with this task by basically handing me papers to sign and then pushing buttons on the computer to continue to sign the application.  In the meantime he was like grilling me about my life and wanting to know everything about me.  When I wanted to know what exactly I was signing or asked questions about it...I had to interrupt him. So...what should be a more informational moment and the actual part of his job--became a chore. His voice tone would completely change and he would almost sound frustrated that he had to explain.  And then today when Brian gets on to see if everything processed, he realized that there might be something wrong with the whole thing.  My response--he was too busy flirting with me to pay attention!  If he hadn't hurried through the job stuff and been so focused on talking to me, maybe he would have done it right for sure. The other kicker...he knows I'm married--he and Brian are friends..and he is married too--I even asked about his wife, two kids, and her current pregnancy.  I mean seriously!?

I guess women cry to can flirt to get their way--but really why can't we all just act normal?!

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