Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Pinterest Cleaning Tip

How to clean stove burners

This weekend I decided that I was done with the greasiness of my stove burners and the drip pans underneath needed new foil.  Last time I decided this I spent a lot of time soaking and scrubbing.  This was must have been around the time I got started on Pinterest...not sure but like later that day I saw a pin that told me about how to not have to scrub burners.  So I went back to those pins...and found out that they use ammonia.  A lot of other pins say the same thing.  I don't have ammonia--and I have always felt that it was a dangerous chemical.  So I went looking for other pins.  The baking soda ideas that I found actually worked decently well.

I went to:  This website talks specifically about cleaning the drip pans.  Now, I didn't have the patience to wait overnight today--I wish I had known it yesterday but I let them soak for a while and it actually seemed to work well enough.  In terms of the boil the water--this seemed a little bit strange since I had the whole stove taken apart.  I do however have an electric kettle that I used to boil the water instead.

I also went to This website talks about the actual burners.  This uses a paste with baking soda. I really didn't know how to make for the rest of you out there not sure either--the more soda to less water the better.  And I mean like a very small amount of water!! A pastry brush worked really well to "paint" the paste onto the burners and the caked on really well to come out pretty clean.

So there's my cleaning advice for your stove--$1 baking soda box at the store.  Not only is it easy and cheap--but it doesn't smell funny like chemicals do the next time you turn the stove no matter how much you rinsed!

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