Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I Love March Madness

So....for the last three years I have been at Cedar Ridge Academy (though it feels like a lifetime) I have done a March Madness competition.  The students can fill out a bracket if they want...they get points for predicting each correct win and the points possible increases as the rounds increase.  The last two years I have done decently three.  This year my bracket is REALLY screwed I picked Gonzaga to win it all and they are gone kind of screwed up.  Am I little bit frustrated that I might not have decent points and the kids might beat me pretty good? Yes! But I am reminded this year of why I love March Madness to begin with.

Florida Gulf Coast
Goodness....NO one predicted that they would go this far.  But these guys are amazing basketball players! (see the videos for some sweet highlights)  They play it to just have fun and they beat Georgetown (a #2 seed) and San Diego St. (#7 seed).  They are the first #15 seed to go to the Sweet 16--how awesome is that!!!

Okay so in my mind the teams that played into the tournament must not be that great or they would have been in the tournament on their own.  Maybe its cuz I don't completely understand the bracket formulas with strength of schedule, record etc.  And they are a not a great shot. But this team had to play naturally they won that then they had to play Kansas State...a #4 seed.  They beat them to face #12 Ole Miss. In the last seconds they win the whole thing!!! Their first time winning back to back tournament games since 1955.  That's pretty sweet history in the making.

These two teams are what makes the tournament the coolest thing ever to me. Best weekend for sports!

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