Saturday, March 9, 2013

The World + College Today= Not Sure

So you probably saw my Facebook picture here you would have figured out that Cedar Ridge Academy had their parent workshop this week. At this workshop, students and parents spend time together on their relationship and learning together about how to improve their lives.  The school usually does at least one class about academics.  We talked about how parents can support their student academically.  I talked specifically about the roles that students and parents play...maybe I will talk about that more specifically later on.  Today I wanted to talk about what our guidance counselor's section was on--how parents support the next step whether that be college or career.

Afterwords, a parent pointed out what the world is really becoming...a college degree doesn't get you anywhere anymore.  I just barely saw this commercial on the television...

Unfortunately college does not give you the security and money that this commercial implies.  Brian just got promoted--YAY!! I am excited for him and he really enjoys his new job.  And he is very excited about the pay raise and bonuses that come with this pay raise.  However, the weird thing to me is that Brian works part-time at a credit union while getting his college degree, but if he worked full time he would make more than me.  It makes it really tempting to not finish that degree for him--but he does want to get into his field.  For me, I wonder sometimes why I worked hard at my degree.  

Now don't get me wrong, I love my job and I especially love teaching.  And I knew that teaching doesn't pay that much from the beginning (so even if I switch schools it won't make a difference)...but am I a little bit strange to think that a teacher with a college degree should make more than a loan officer without one? 

So what's my bottom line---something should probably change--but how?

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Paula said...

I think our country puts too much emphasis on college degrees and not enough on paying people their worth....not what the degree is! We go through this in nursing all the time...we have diploma nurses (basically on the job trained) associate degree nurse and BS nurses and we all make the same amount of starting pay. What is the purpose of spending all that money getting a degree if what you want is to work in a hospital! That is my thoughts on this matter.