Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #11

5. A judge finds the sugary drink ban in NYC unconstitutional. Very interesting that someone felt that it was a little bit too crazy...the judge cited "arbitrary and capricious" basically that the law was not fair--and I agree certain 32 oz. drinks were left out.

4. This was a bittersweet story from today...a sister jumps into a river after her younger brother--saves him, but dies in the process and the guy that went in after her.

3. Carnival cruise line...oh my...they are going to need some serious reputation repair!

2. So North Korea has gone crazy enough that we have increased our missile defense stuff...I am glad that we are prepared...but it does make you a little bit concerned that these threats might actually come to something

1. Pope Francis I selected this week.  It is waay cool that they selected a South American pope.  I had fun sharing this moment of history with my students.


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