Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review: The Host

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I finished this book awhile ago but just now finally getting around to writing about it.

Title: The Host
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (For an explanation of star ratings go here)

Summary: The world has been taken over by aliens--they have implanted themselves into human minds to take over the world.  They believe that they are improving mankind.  However, there are some humans who have not been implanted.  That is where our main character comes in: Melanie.  But the world changes for Melanie when she is captured and implanted with a host, Wanderer.  Wanderer and Melanie have to figure out how to live in the same body together, which doesn't usually happen! 

What Did I Love: The story was very engaging. I always wanted to know what happened next and I came to really be invested in the characters--especially the relationship that forms between Wanderer and Melanie.  Def. better written than Twilight series.  

What Did I Hate: This is the probably a book that took me the longest to finish ever! I did listen to it on audio and sometimes that takes me longer because I have to be driving to Provo or in a good cleaning mood to listen sometimes.  But it is really long--it doesn't drag just I think she could have done a series or trilogy instead. But she did leave it open for a sequel.

A Word About the Movie Coming Out Soon: I put the trailer below in case you haven't seen it yet.  I hadn't until tonight when I went looking for it.  I'm not wild about what I have see so far.  It makes it look more lovey dovey and action packed than I felt it was and they didn't answer my number one question: how are they going to deal with the Wanderer/Melanie relationship.  A lot of that is internal conversations...harder to do in the movie.  P.S. I pictured the men in this movie a lot cuter than they picked out...

Have you read this? Will you go see the movie?

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