Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #4

Here are my top five news stories of the week and I tell it like it is

5. Beyonce lip-singing at the Inauguration.  Really?! Why are we happens all the time.

4. Young tennis star Sloane Stevens beats Serena Williams.  Sloane followed Serena's footsteps...and then she beat her cool is that?! Though Serena didn't need to crush her racket...she could show a bit more sportsmanship

3. The irony of most of the eastern U.S. being suddenly very cold.  I sympathize with the -40 people in Minnesota, but the 10 degree people in Chicago and New York can just deal.  Thursday was the first day I left the house and it was above zero in over a month and today was the first day it got above 20 in that time as just be glad it is not there to stay.

2.  Hillary Clinton kicking butt in Congress.  She was fiery, emotional, and just all-around honest. I was not a fan of hers during her First Lady time but I am impressed with what she has done for women in politics/power, our country, and the office of the Secretary of State.  John Kerry won't be able to fill those shoes.
I liked this video about it:

1. Women are now allowed to try for all combat positions as long as they are qualified.  I think it is a great day for equality for women.  I would never serve, but it is good to know that the women who do/want to have all doors open to them. And I think more women need to serve in the military..if nothing else so the men know how to deal with women.  I work with three retired military men and let me tell you--it's no picnic. 

U.S. Army convoys are given a thumb up from a female soldier after crossing into Kuwait during the last convoy out of Iraq in this December 18, 2011 file photograph. REUTERS-Shannon Stapleton-Files
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