Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Snow

You are very pretty sometimes and very white and wet.  But trying to drive from Provo to Salt Lake City should never take three hours....but you made it be that way.  And then I couldn't go home last night.  And you are still around this morning when I wake up.  At least I was finally able to get home but you prompt a couple of other dears...

Dear Black Pickup with the White Trailer,

Tailgating me because I'm going 10 mph under the speed limit with the snow is NOT okay.  Yes I was in the left lane and you couldn't "legally" pass me...but the right lane was covered in snow and not plowed yet.  So excuse me for taking the one lane that seemed to be the safest. If you're going to follow so close you can pass on the right...

Girl who was very grateful when you finally did

Dear Snow Plow,

Thank you for plowing in front of me today as I climbed the mountain...I think I would have been okay with out you but it was very reassuring.

Girl who is home safe and sound

Thanks Elise's

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Elise Frederickson said...

Provo to SLC took 3 hours?? Oh WOW! That's so crazy. I'm glad you made it safely. Thanks for linking up! I totally agree. Snow is pretty, but can be way scary/frustrating sometimes.