Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Tribute to My Favorite Movie--You've Got Mail

I love this movie.  It is like my all-time favorite movie.  I can pretty much quote the thing in my sleep.  If I am having trouble sleeping sometimes I will start this movie in my head...I usually don't get very far because I fall asleep....but you get the picture about how well I know this movie.  I was thinking about it tonight because of this particularly favorite quote of mine...

People are always telling you that change is a good thing.  But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all has happened.  My store is closing this week.  I own a store, did I ever tell you that?  It's a lovely store, and in a week it will be something really depressing, like a Baby Gap.  Soon, it'll just be a memory.  In fact, someone, some foolish person, will probably think it's a tribute to this city, the way it keeps changing on you, the way you can never count on it, or something.  I know because that's the sort of thing I'm always say. But the truth is....I'm heartbroken. I feel as if a part of me has died, and my mother has died all over again, and no one can ever make it right.

I have been through a lot of changes in 2012...the last half of that year was one big huge whirlwind and I feel like I am still in that whirlwind.  Some people look at me and say that it is okay, you will get through it--because there is nothing else that they can say.  And I look at the time before that change and it is really depressing what it has turned in.  And a part of me really seems to have died...

I told myself when I started this 365 project that this blog wouldn't become one big pity-party and so far this week alone it has turned into a little bit of one and I am sorry.  I don't want people to think that I need another one of my favorite quotes from this movie goes: I don't want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void.  So...good night dear void.

P.S. This is my favorite funnier line in this movie...because I love how you can get a sense of self from making a decision like that--because it is SO true!

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