Monday, January 14, 2013

My Love Affair with Pinterest is kind of pathetic.  I first started hearing about Pinterest and thought that it was the silliest thing ever! Why would anyone virtually pin anything to a bulletin board? What purpose would it hold?  Then as the initial fervor died down....I began to see people getting craft ideas from Pinterest.  And I was like, "Sure,  that makes sense."  One day on a really big wim, my sister-in-law sent me an invite.  We were seriously sitting on my couch and she was like, "I barely use it but it's fun."  That was when the ridiculousness all July day last year.  Now 20 boards and 1,938 pins later...I am officially hooked.

One of the things that I have known/learned about myself is that I am a SERIOUS pack rat. I save just about everything...esp if it has to do with teaching  There are still boxes at my mom's house full of high school work that I did that I thought I might use one day in my classroom.  I have saved all of my notebooks full of notes from case I used them in my classroom.  I saved all the worksheets and articles and textbooks case I used them in my classroom.  One problem that I kept running into was how to save stuff on my computer that I have seen.  I have many folders entitled "Possible Teaching Ideas".  But you know what the sad thing is?  I don't go to these sources as often as I know I should.

I think the reason why is because it takes forever to find something good, or what I am specifically looking for.  I am victim to the instantaneous search...and the fact that I will be going to bed about 5 hours after I get home from work so things need to be fast (how sad is that!...a post for a different day).  But now with my good friend Pinterest....I pin it to my board and then I can search my board. And sadly, I have a bit of a better memory of my Pinterest stuff.  I don't know if it is because it is recent, visual, or what.

Amongst all of this love affair with Pinterest...I have gained so many followers that I don't know but I know are fellow teachers.  That is just a cool thing to me :)  So if you want more ideas go to my Pinterest boards:
Funny Workplace Ecard: Pinning teaching ideas should get you some kind of professional development credit.
My absolute favorite! Thank you so much
for the reminder that it has some sort of use :P

Thank you The Dynamic Duo for this soo true statement

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