Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features #3

It is Friday here is my run down of the my favorite news articles. Hmm...this one was a bit harder...kind of a slow news week to me.

5. This one makes it on here because I am sick of hearing about it....Lance Armstrong meeting with Oprah.  My big thing with Lance Armstrong is that I heard about it like everyday leading up to the interview...Oprah has got to be loving the free advertising...and I just got sick of it!

4. Again, sick of hearing about it. The Notre Dame football player (Manti Te'o) needs privacy at this time, but everyone needs to just leave him alone--I would be embarrassed and just because we don't know the whole story is not that big of a deal---it is none of our business.

3. This was just cool....apparently NASA sent the Mona Lisa via a laser to the moon.  To a certain extent, this might not sound like a big deal....but just think about how cool it would be to send images that well through space! The technology that we have now just blows my mind. 

2. What is interesting to me this week is this Algerian stand-off...the situation is so fluid nobody knows exactly what to report.  24/7 news coverage is ok in the West, but good luck with that in Africa. 

1. TSA removes full body scanners that don't have privacy blockers.  Makes me happy.  I have written my Congressman about this and have avoided them like the plague when I fly.  They will still have some but they have a more generic view of the body on the screen which I think I can live with. 

Backscatter machines may be allowed again if the company develops the required software.
YAY no more :)

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