Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features

With my job as a Social Studies teacher, I put in a lot of effort to make sure that my students know what is going on in the world.  I make sure that I especially do this at my school because they are somewhat isolated from the outside world as they focus on themselves therapeutically. As a result, I end up watching and reading a lot of news stories--and a lot of variety to meet everyone's interests. 
With this new restart on my blog, I wanted to have something that is a weekly regular thing.  I thought that each Friday I will highlight my top 5 news stories of the week.  I think I'll call it: Five Favorite Front-Page Features.

5. McDreamy buys a coffee company in Seattle---I so want to go there and I don't even drink coffee :P

4. One of my fav records: 21 by Adele, is the first record to be the most sold two years in a row

3. A teenage girl stands up for her rights against the Taliban and she is recovering enough from their attack that she can be released from the hospital.  I admire her determination.

2. For the first time in history, 1 in 5 Senators are women...a grand total of 20 women were elected and started work this week. With women making up 53% of the electorate, it is about time :) See all of their pictures and their advice for the future generation: 

1. Sandy Hook Elementary School students return to school.  I am very grateful for the effort of these teachers, because I know that we all do a lot of hard work to create a safe learning environment for our students and it would be hard to go back but I am glad they are getting back to normalcy.

Photo of Sandy Hook memorials courtesy of:

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Trish said...

I've started watching Grey's from the beginning and had forgotten just how dreamy Patrick Demsey was back then! Interesting about the coffee shop.

I wanted to thank you for your interested in Where in the World Are You Reading. I couldn't find your email address--it wasn't tied to your blogger profile--so I'm sorry for mention this in the comment. I'm going to remove your link for now since you haven't written a post yet, but if you write up a post about your unusual reading spots, please please come back and link it! If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to email me at trishsreadingnook at gmail.