Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This is day 16 of my 365 project.  I am shocked that I have made it this long...some nights it is hard to come up with what to write.  Though tonight is the hardest.  I am really tired and worn out from the day/week/month/year....the past six months.  The word that I keep using is overwhelmed.  I started to think about that tonight.  And then the English teacher in me came out...what is the origin of this word?  Overwhelmed goes to overwhelm...the root word is whelm.  According to, whelm comes from Old English which means to cover over.

I thought this was very appropriate.  I am covered up by a lot of different stresses, worries, and to a certain extent my own goals.  The life of a teacher can be really overwhelming.  Last night's post got a great response, and I appreciate that from everyone.  I hope that it highlighted for any non-teachers out there that are reading that our job is not easy.  As a five year old, when I dreamed of becoming a teacher and even in my late teens and early years in college it seemed like the perfect job.  You get to work with kids/teenagers all day and help them to learn.  But there is so much bureaucracy and ideas and opinions out there is really not all about learning.  

But we as teachers want it to be--and I think that is what overwhelms us sometimes.  We are geeks/nerds/etc. because.....

From Pinterest..
We would rather do this and teach them how to do it right than deal with the crap that the administration (both local and national) hand least this teacher would.

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