Monday, January 28, 2013


This guy is waaay cool.  I love TED talks, though I don't listen to a lot--but each one I do is awesome.  This guy wrote a blog to get through a hard time--the 1000 things that make life worth living. And then he got a book deal.  So now he is like an expert on how to live life to the fullest.  So in this talk he gives us The Three A's of Awesome:
  • Attitude--Is everything!!! You can choose that though life is in the way
  • Awareness--Discover what is new around you again...embrace your inner three year old :)
  • Authenticity--Be real to yourself!! A novel idea, but you need to follow your heart.
and some great stories. He really reminds me of the perspective that we all an awesome way. Give this a watch...yeah it is a bit longer than you probably intended when you showed up on this site.   But it's worth it.  Thanks to elise's pieces for the link! 

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