Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Audio Gameday

I found out about the A to Z Challenge today...which seems like a great challenge to be apart of.  The purpose of the challenge is to do a post each day in April--except Sundays--with a different letter from the alphabet.  My first thought was, "Darn I wish I had known about it earlier to do an intro post!"  My second thought was, "I already am posting everyday for 365 project this gives me a month's worth of ideas and maybe some more exposure."  I hope to get a chance to see the fellow 2,000 other bloggers participating at some point in this month and I hope that they come over and see me.  The site asked for categories...I realized after I submitted that I didn't put up a category..but just as well since I could have been in like four different categories.

Today is opening day for baseball!! I love baseball and I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. I'm very excited to see the St. Louis Cardinals starting out with the Arizona Diamondbacks--they are currently leading by one!  But the best part about this season is that I have finally decided to get Audio Gameday from  With living in rural Utah, I am completely out of Cardinal Nation.  I lose track of my team easily and I don't usually get to see them on TV because of how far away I am.  So...for $20 this season (yep the whole season) I can open my computer and turn on Audio Gameday. The cool thing about Audio Gameday is that you can pick what radio station you listen to.  So I can be listening to my St. Louis radio station from my current home in Roosevelt.  So excited for a great Cardinal season!

Yeah its blurry....but hey its the best I can do with a webcam.
Lets see if we can be champions again this year!!


Alana said...

Welcome to A to Z! Wow, you will already be a step ahead with your Project 365. Impressive and ambitious way to track a year! I love seeing people who decide to blog, vlog or photograph their way through the year - I don't have the gumption to keep it up, but I think it is such a cool way to keep track of time and hold on to the memories. :)

~Alana @

Sharon said...

I have never seen a baseball match. It is not a sport that is really popular in Australia.

Good luck with the challenge.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Hi, Kimberly, My husband is already glued to the Yankee's. Good Post!

Katka Lapelosov√° said...

Opening day is a glorious day. That program sounds quite useful, I'll have to look into it to listen to games as well! Check out my AtoZ challenge blog as well!

Timothy Brannan said...

Welcome to the A to Z.
And so glad to see another Cardinals fan here!!

Tim Brannan
The Other Side and The Witch
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The Freedom of Nonbelief

Anonymous said...

I'm a Cardinals fan too! We live in the heart of the Cards/Cubs battlefield in central Illinois-exactly halfway between the two cities. Have fun with the A to Z Challenge & GO CARDS!