Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Five Favorite Front-Page Features

So though it is a Saturday this seemed like a great day to do Five Favorite Front-Page Features.  For my A to Z Challenge visitors/new visitors...this is a weekly post that I do on Fridays that talks about the five top news my opinion.  I usually give a bit of commentary to show why I think that it is an impact on our lives/history.  I also do this from the mindset of a Social Studies teacher and try to include links from a variety of sources for fellow teachers to steal to help their students understand the impacts of these events.

5. Even though this is probably really a publicity stunt, it allows students to go over the Sequestration again which was really a history making type of thing.  President Obama will give 5% of his salary question is how much is that really and where does that money go now?

4. Nelson Mandela hospitalized..while not super news, he is old and hospital visits are to be can be a great tie-in to who Mandela is and how he has affected history especially in South Africa 

2. I have noticed that today's students care more than my generation did about how the economy is doing...I think it comes from becoming more aware of the recession.  When I mentioned the stock market rising and setting new records a few weeks ago it started a great discussion about recession v. Great Depressiona nd what stocks are etc.  So seeing how a jobs report affects everything is a great lead in too

1. North Korea and U.S. tensions are still going and who knows when/where it will end....this is a great thing to make sure that students know.  Found a CNN resource that allows students to explore where their questions are 

Saw on Facebook...and I thought it was hilarious!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Your students must love you. I think a lot of students are aware of the economy now then we were as kids because so many of them have seen their parents lose jobs or struggle financially.

Kimberly Hawks said...

Aww thanks Susan. I completely agree though...they see the economy affecting their lives more and more

Ornery's Wife said...

What a great way to keep kids interested in current events. Thanks for visiting Zoe Cottage this weekend. I am so far behind on my visits! :P

Cindy Dwyer said...

I'm amazed at how much more aware of current events my kids are than I was at their age.

You've mentioned some very news-worthy events that span a wide range of interests.

Maggie Winter said...

Love the facebook, teah send him a load of snicker, silly little man. My son goes to school here in Brazil but I home study him in English etc. so great site for stealing from, Thanks and happy A to Z.

Kaye Draper said...

Oh the pic was the best!

Happy Blogging!
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