Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zoom!!

Does anybody feel like life is on a constant ZOOM!  I was realizing that April is like completely over...considering I spent about half of it on bed rest I feel like I missed it all!  We are already talking about May showers coming and the plans for the summer.  July doesn't seem that far away and it is still a couple of months away.  I already have had to cancel summer ideas because the planning didn't get done while I was down...not a huge deal just bittersweet. But seriously this is what I mean about ZOOM!  If we're not careful life just keeps moving right along without us!! 

So here are some other cool things about ZOOM!

1. I just love this quote from Wikipedia...
Zoom is an onomatopoeia sound that indicates swiftness.
2. I also think of zoom lenses...which are so useful when taking pictures of faraway things (as long as it doesn't get blurry)

3. I also can't help but think of the old car commercial in which the little kid whispered, "Zoom, zoom."

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Jessica Peterson said...

Life certainly does seem to fly by. It seems to speed up each year. Congrats on completing a-z. You certainly are a trooper to jump right in to another challenge. :)