Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Need

We hear this word a lot....I need this....I need that.....sometimes they are legitimate and they are in more of a complaining attitude.  Today I am going to explore two examples of that.

Today was a very interesting day at school....being a boarding school--especially a therapeutic boarding schools weather affects us very uniquely.  We can't really have snow days...we still have to shovel our way to the cafeteria to eat, for example.  We are having our April snow right now in Utah...usually around this time too.  But...this has been like INSANE! We have like 6-8 inches on the road.  It is insane.  So today I needed significantly less snow....but I also needed electricity!! We had no power when I got to school today for about three hours.  Computers or no computers necessary...we don't have enough windows with natural light to really make seeing really all that easy.

My complaining attitude example I won't spend too much time on....I am trying to be more positive with life.  Ha ha I NEED to be more positive. But I think one thing that we can always say is that we need more time....and the people around us need to give us some more respect and more patience.

What do you think that you need?


Bryan Reddish said...

Wow, so we definitely need the snow so you'll have melt, but not so much that it blocks you from your lunch! No power at school could be cool, but without big enough windows... that just stinks. In Florida we didn't get any snow days--ever and the windows usually filled 2 opposite walls because the schools were built as long rows of classrooms or wings. They were also built before airconditioning (and computers) so if the power went out, we may not have even noticed! :)

Danielle said...

We are still getting snow here too. I'm quite sick of it. It's OK when it's winter, but now that we consider April spring, I'm getting annoyed and it's hard to stay positive when you just want a little sunshine.

Tina said...

We're in CO and there are 15" in my backyard, but the roads are clear.
I NEED a vacation. I've been going through some harrowing medical tests for my asthma, but next week I get to escape town for 5 days for a family wedding. yeah! I hope by the time you read this you'll have power. (Hahahahaha - sorry, couldn't resist. I speak smartass a LOT...)
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