Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for While You Were Sleeping

One of my favorite movies is While You Were Sleeping. Sandra Bullock (as Lucy) does a great job acting in this movie.  I love how we can totally get on her side the whole movie! You are rooting for Lucy to get the Peter (Peter Gallagher) character because she so wants him at the beginning.  But as soon as she meets Jack and we start to understand that Jack (Bill Pullman) really likes Lucy, we start rooting for Jack to steal Lucy.  Lucy is wanting to be apart of a family so much but she can't stand to tell the truth.  If you haven't seen this classic you are truly missing out! It has a great happily ever after...which to me makes it a great movie.  

It also has some greats in the movie Peter Boyle (from Everybody Loves Raymond), Glynis Johns (from Mary Poppins), and Jack Warden (from All the President's Men and 12 Angry Men). 

Favorite Quotes:

Lucy: I'm having an affair. I like Jack.
Jerry: Who's Jack?
Lucy: Peter's brother.
Jerry: So?
Lucy: So he thinks I'm engaged.
Jerry: To who?
Lucy: To Peter.
Jerry: Lucy, I really don't have time for this.
Lucy: No, you have to tell me what to do.
Jerry: Tell the truth.
Lucy: If I tell Jack I lied to his family he will *never* speak to me again. And Ox and Midge and Mary and Saul.
Jerry: Saul? Who's Saul?
Lucy: The next door neighbor. But you know what? Actually, he knows.
Jerry: Lucy, you are born into a family. You do not join them like you do the marines.
Lucy: So what should I do?
Jerry: Pull the plug.
Lucy: You're sick.
Jerry: I'm sick? You're cheating on a vegetable.

Lucy: Peter once asked me when I fell in love with Jack. And I told him, "It was while you were sleeping."

Ashley: Peter Callahan is engaged to me. I object to this wedding!

Priest: Get in line.

Ashley's husband: And I object to your objection.

Mary Callaghan: Who's that?

Peter: Ashley's husband.

Midge Callaghan: You proposed to a married woman?

Peter: Yes. And I'm in a coma when my brother makes a play for my- sort of my fiancée

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