Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kimberly

So...maybe I'm just lame....but I had trouble thinking of a good word for K today. I had lots of ideas but no real winner. Then I thought of the fact that the A to Z Challenge is suppose to help other bloggers to learn about each other.  So today I will give you some more information about me...through an "I am Poem"

This week for National Poetry Week in World Geography and World History we talked about the theme of "Impact of the Individual" and did these poems about different influential members in history.  I thought about having them do I'll do one for myself instead. For the format go to Read Write Think. Though actually this is a different format than we used in class.

I am organized and smart.
I wonder where I will be in a year.
I hear my to-do list in my head.
I see the day that is not so busy.
I want to feel successful.
I am organized and smart.

I pretend that I have a clean house.
I feel the feelings of inanimate objects.
I touch student's minds.
I worry that I will just coast though life.
I cry for hopeless matters, because there is really nothing we can do.
I am organized and smart.

I understand that even though I'm organized, I am really messy in other places.  (However, I don't understand why).
I say effort is required in everything.
I dream of the day that motivation is easier to come by.
I try to get my work done.
I hope for the day that I feel like I was really really accomplished.
I am organized and smart.


Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

I love this. What a beautiful way to share You with us A to Z-ers. I'm a new follower and plan to snoop around your pretty blog.

transplanted said...

I have a friend who is organized and smart, and admittedly OCD. Her house is never all that "neat". She just can't make herself clean it unless she KNOWS she can make it perfect. Anything less than perfect seems like a waste of time to her.

And then there was my mother. She once said to me "I'm just too intelligent to waste time cleaning my house, I have other things to use my mind for."

(I assume your home isn't so bad, just probably not everything you think it should be. Remember, a home is meant to be lived in, it is not a display case.)