Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rest

So...ever since Wednesday night I have been resting.  I have apparently eliminated my dark circles under my eyes. And I have gotten NOTHING done for school.  I have been forced to do nothing but lay around.  I have pretty much caught up on all of my TV shows and watched waaay more TV than I would care to admit to. I wish I had actually read a bit more, but being so tired TV just made sense.

The balance that I'm now trying to figure out is how much rest do I really take.  I don't know 100% what is wrong with me until least I hope to find out then.  I don't want to push it....but I also don't want to sit around for much longer.  I am a little stir's to getting done soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I find the A to Z challenge kind of intense or even my time on the computer, and then I do need to take a time out.

Hope you get the answers you need. Watching tv late at night or doing computer stuff or any kind of screen (iphone/ipad, smart phone) within 2 hours of bedtime is very hard on the body's melatonin levels - it reduces them by at least 30% is what I heard. So you sleep worse.