Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for General Conference

Getting back on the A to Z Challenge today...with the letter G.  This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the 183rd Annual General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For those of my readers/visitors that are not aware, this is an opportunity for the leaders of our Church to instruct us all weekend long.  It is a spiritual feast even if you don't believe in what I can appreciate being able to be instructed in what you believe in for 2 hour periods twice a day in a weekend.  Today I will do my favorite parts of each session.

Saturday Morning Session
Memory: I got to be at the Conference Center for this session.  So that was awesome! It was great to hang out with cousin Thomas!
My favorite speaker: This session was a tie between Sister Dalton and Bishop Davies.  Sister Dalton talked about the power of women and Bishop Davies talked about the strength that comes from a sure foundation in the gospel.  Both were what I needed!!

Saturday Afternoon Session
Memory: Cuddling with my nephew Evan--he did such a nice job staying quiet for everyone to be able to hear.
My favorite speaker: Elder Cook talked about finding peace in this time...another thing that is really need!

Sunday Morning Session
Memory: President Monson...he put Vivian Park on fire!!
My favorite speaker:  But really President Monson was my favorite speaker because his talk reminded me that obedience is the thing that I really need to focus on.

Sunday Afternoon Session 
Memory: A very hungry Avi and "Stuff a turkey through its beak!"
My favorite speaker: That quote came from Elder Holland--all about believing!!

The Conference Center!


DayDreamer said...

It sounds as though you enjoyed the sessions. Time spent with loved ones while you did must have made it doubly lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sounds inspiring! Blessings from your new follower!

Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run