Saturday, April 27, 2013

X Marks The Spot

X Marks the Spot is an English idiom that makes people think of treasures.  Usually there is a treasure map and at the end there is this really big X telling you where the treasure is.  You see how I did this?  I made an X post all about treasure. Hee Hee...I'm sneaky :)  Treasures are different for different people.
To me there are lots of treasures.  Sometimes treasures are the little pieces of chocolate that I eat--they are actually called that because they have caramel inside.  My beliefs are a treasure.  I hold on to them when times get tough and people bug me.  Books are a treasure to take us on adventures that we can't afford ourselves.  

Treasures can be the mountains around us, the beauty of the earth around us.  I love my Provo mountains.  For other people, money is literally their treasure.  I like money as much as the next girl--it buys me pretty clothes, a nice car, a great place to live--but the biggest treasure of all is the people that we love.

What are your treasures?

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