Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for BYU Basketball

So today's big thing fore me was the fact that BYU Basketball was playing in the NIT Semi-Finals....so they are my post for our "B" day today.  I came home from school just in time for tip-off and I was very proud that my Cougars were able to keep it really close until the end.  It is really too bad that they lost by 6!

Even though they were kept out of the NCAA basketball they had a really good run in the NIT.  While I'm mentioning it though...I do a March Madness bracket competition (I think I mentioned) with my students.  Of the 14 students and staff that submitted brackets only 4 of us are still in the running.  And the only way I get more points is if Syracuse goes to the championship game! So wish me luck!


Teresa Cypher said...

I wish you much luck! I'm not of a basketball fan, but I can appreciate someone who is passionate about their team! :-)

moondustwriter said...

Syracuse all the way!!!

Happy A to Z