Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for House

So...I was thinking earlier today what to do for H--nothing seemed obvious until Brian and I went and looked at our first house option today.  EEK!  I can't believe that I am really thinking about buying a house.  We have talked about this on and off for the last six months or so.  We have really been thinking about this because of how much money we have been putting into rent for the last 4 years we've been married...and our time before that too. So it is hard not to think about how much money we could have been putting into a house.  I mentioned once on here before that last year was the first time I had never actually moved...so I think that's another reason we are looking at our options.  We've been in our little town almost three years now so that seems to be a bit permanent.  BUT....!

Buying house=SCARY!!!

So seriously I know like nothing about buying a house.  People throw out these fancy words like escrow...inspectors...offers... Realtor....closing costs...etc.  So that makes it really really scary.  Then there is the money thing--do we really want to spend this much money?  Do you realize that a 30 year loan won't be paid off until 2048! That's intimidating....and the fact that you need to be in the same spot for about 3 years to make it worth it....that is worry making too. I can't predict where I will be in a year....maybe I have just learned with my life constantly changing.  But seriously if I keep thinking that I will never buy a house.

So we are starting to stick our toes in the water...we might not end up buying a house but we might....stay tuned!

P.S. Any advice?


Jessie said...

Hey - as someone who JUST went through the home purchasing process, you can always give me a call if you're super confused ... I don't know *everything* but I can answer your questions and perhaps lay some of your fears to rest...

Suzy Turner said...

When we bought our first place about 18 years ago, we were over the moon. We really didn't want to waste money on rent any more. We felt like we should be putting our money into our own place. We were also buying at a time when the market was very positive. We were lucky, we got our apartment cheap and when we sold it ten years later, we made a nice little profit. I would always advise people to buy rather than rent. To me, rent seems like such a waste of money! Good luck... whatever you decide to do :D